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White-tailed deer are graceful, impressive creatures. Wilderness adventure trips are never complete without experiencing these silent yet strong animals. A discriminating harvest system is employed in managing the deer herds of Ontario. For instance, the gun season permits regulated hunting opportunities for antlerless white-tailed deer, which include fawns and does. Buck hunting meanwhile stays open and unrestricted.

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The total available white-tailed deer tags number for hunters varies depending on how conservation experts see the populations. They decide whether increasing it is necessary or it has hit an acceptable level. A Chronic Waste Disease (CWD) testing and monitoring program was done by Ontario in 2003. Ontario elk and deer were not observed to carry CWD. Open season is not practiced in caribou and elk hunting within the province. How does it affect hunters? Well, it does on two points: size and numbers. Ontario white-tailed deer are huge. Their bodies must be big to survive the freezing temperatures, which also explains the vast, large-sized antlers. Average weight for many white-tailed bucks is between 63 and 114 kg (140-250 lbs), but Ontario bucks tip the scales at a heavy 136kg (300lbs). Recently, winters have become milder and led to further deer growth. Many say that the perfect time for Ontario deer hunting in the last century is now.

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Ontario Deer HuntingPeople in Ontario can choose between tracking or driving white-tailed deer through expansive forests or farm country. Creek floors and woodlots next to agricultural fields are favorite spots for farm country hunters. Most of them are positioned on ground blinds or tree stands near rubs, feeding areas, trails and scrapes. Others use drives to move deer toward waiting stands. The big-wood hunters utilize similar techniques in deer logging cuts and funnels, but with some extras. They practice tracking and still-hunting. Game availability along with enormous land masses let people customize their hunting experience so it satisfies their requirements. Search the web for reliable outfitters.

You can also go online to find trips for hunting white-tailed deer. Just keep in mind that there are things you need to know before embarking on such an adventure. You should arm yourself with the necessary hunting licenses. Of course, it is a given that you should be mindful of the different seasons for game hunting in Ontario. With white-tailed deer, there are other considerations you may wish to remember when preparing for a hunt. Hunting season for white-tailed deer is variable. The weather sometimes features sub-zero temperatures and is snowing, while other times it is warm and reminiscent of autumn climes. For a fun hunt, wrap yourself in warm clothing. Orange is the shade worn by hunters when it is open-gun hunting season for moose and white-tailed deer. In certain Wildlife Management Units (WMU), outfitters are required for non-residents to be able to hunt.

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