Ontario Deer Hunting Lodges and Camps

If your looking for a guided deer hunt or a do-it-yourself option, sometimes the best option for success is to stay at a recognized outfitter.  They can provide you with accommodations, meals, knowledge of the area as well as guides if necessary.  Browse through the outfitters below and make your next Ontario Deer Hunting Trip a huge success!

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Island BuckAulneau Peninsula Deer Hunting & Lodging  (Nestor Falls) Our cabins are strategically located on the Aulneau Peninsula/ OUTPOST.  Whitetail hunting within muzzle loader and rifle zones. Successes from scouting and over 30 years experience hunting.Offering guided deer hunting packages. Remote hunts were trophy buck have not yet seen man.


Pine Sunset Lodge (Dryden) Pine Sunset Lodge offers deer hunting for every budget and every level of experience. Archery/Crossbow, Muzzle-loader or Rifle. With a perfect setting we are between two units with thousands of acres to hunt. Do it yourself! If all you need is a place to stay and a little direction than our "Do It Yourself Hunt" is right for you. If you are looking to hunt over baited stands on private land than we have the "Private Land Hunt"  (Mnimum cabin rate applies to some dates.) Limited number of hunters/groups per week. Contact us now for details and dates.

Big North Lodge (Minaki) Enjoy some of the best whitetail deer hunting in Northwestern Ontario. Deer can be hunted several ways in our area. From tree stands, we do have several permanent stands and we suggest you bring portable stands. There are areas where stalking can provide excellent opportunities to take a large buck. A drive type hunt can also be arranged. The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of the deer range. The deer in this area are very large-bodied and fast-growing. Bucks that score in the 140's are fairly common. The opportunity to take a much larger buck depends a lot on the skill of the hunter and luck.  There is very little deer hunting pressure in this area. The local hunters are more concerned with meat than horns, and many of them tell us where they have passed up large bucks. A buck that field-dresses at 200 lbs. is considered small.  e limit ourselves to 4 to 6 guided hunters per week. Bucks only.

Halleys Camps In Northwestern Ontario, there are miles of untouched deer country just waiting to be hunted - where bucks have had the time to grow into real trophies. We find in this north country that the best time to hunt these big bucks is in the rut (last week of October, first week of November). The excitement of having your guide rattle up a big buck is unforgettable. The number of deer in our area will never rival the midwest United States, but the buck-to-doe ratio is what makes it possible to excite that big buck! All of our deer hunts are located at either Caribou Falls Landing or One Man Lake Lodge on the English River


South River Resort -  Guided hunts for deer (bow or gun) and waterfowl are available at reasonable rates. Our guide has been licensed for over 30 years and has hunted this area for over 40.  Additional opportunities include hunting large parcels of private property abutting crown land. Hunt from ground blinds or tree stands on baited sites.  We focus on quality over quantity making availability extremely limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. Please call for pricing and further details.

Harris Hill Resort (Rainy River) Whitetail Deer are numerous in the Rainy River District of Northwestern Ontario. Presently Ontario's deer herd is world class, and our experienced deer hunting guides know how you can get yourself a Trophy Whitetail Buck. Many Whitetail Deer Hunters travel from across the province as well as from many areas of the United States and Canada for that "Big Trophy Buck Experience" that is available here. Some come from as far as the United Kingdom. The success rate for Whitetail Deer Hunts at this camp has always been excellent. 2004 was as exceptional, with an incredible 16 point Trophy Whitetail Buck harvested here. 2006 harvested a Boone & Crockett 179 2/8 dry score. 2007 harvest would have been 100% if our last hunter would not have held out for the Boone Buck he saw and could not get a good shot on. 15 point Buck (above) would also have been a Boone & Crockett Whitetail Buck if he had not lost his points while in velvet.

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